October 07, 2021

What should I do if my child is nearsighted? There are many tips to help you deal with your doubts

Summer vacation is here, many parents for better self convenience, let children look at the phone, play games, themselves to busy with other things. But I don't know, it is exactly this kind of approach that makes children get all kinds of eye diseases and wear兒童近視控制鏡片 myopia glasses very early. It is the hope of anyone to have a pair of physically and mentally healthy eyes that will speak. Children's eyes are very sensitive and still in the process of development, very easy to suffer damage due to improper handling. Children usually lack the concept of protecting their eyesight and do not pay attention to the effective use of eyes, so at this moment it is necessary for parents to properly guide their children to use their eyes effectively. What should parents do to prevent their children's eyes from becoming nearsighted?

1. Pay attention to eye hygiene

Children's skin is more tender, the body resistance to pathogenic bacteria are not strong. Therefore, the usual adults and children's hand towels and other toiletries must be placed separately. Prevent contamination of the trachoma. Acute conjunctivitis and other infectious eye diseases.

Children are cheerful and active, and they can carry germs in their hands after playing. Parents should always educate their children not to rub their eyes with dirty hands. After playing, you should often wash your hands to disinfect, to avoid sand and other things fall into the eyes.

Take children to the water amusement park to兒童近視 play, to pay attention to the reservoir water is not to achieve food hygiene standards. In the summer, the light source is too obvious, to avoid children's eyes were ultraviolet light zap, when going out is best to give children wear sunglasses. Sun hat and so on to protect the eyesight.

2. Form good eye fatigue habitual

Good habits should be cultivated since childhood, and wrong habits need to be corrected on time. Do not let your child lie down to read a book. Lie in bed with the TV, always pay attention to the posture of reading and writing, once found to correct early, to make children aware of the need to use their eyes properly.

In learning to write. The book is a good natural environment, and pay attention to shaping the child's proper reading. Writing posture.

To buy tables and chairs according to the child's height, so as to ensure the completion of the accurate writing posture, so that the eyes and textbook spacing to achieve the appropriate provisions.

Avoid extra-ocular muscle fatigue, study time does not have to be too long, after reading for more than 40 minutes to rest for 10 minutes, look at distant objects, do eye exercises.

Decline in eye vision should be immediately to the hospital for medical examination. Medical treatment.

3. Reduce the time to apply electronic products

Now is the era of the Internet, children since childhood gradually began to touch the cell phone, computer and other electronic products. However, the flashing display of electronic products, the impact on children's eyes is particularly large, long-term close look at things, but also very easy to cause eye fatigue. This kind of excessive personal behavior with eyes is a big reason for myopia. Therefore, parents must take the initiative to properly guide and manipulate their children's time to apply electronic products.

4. Promote outdoor sports

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days. There is no need to make the eyes overly tired. Therefore, parents and teachers need to motivate children to go out more to participate in activities, not only the eyes to get relief rest, strengthen the exercise, but also to make the child's eyes more broad, and at the same time also help the parent-child tour in the middle of the emotional communication. Especially in the summer, more need to make full use of this time to go out more, strengthen exercise, and release under a good.

5. Effective and balanced diet with

The human body is in the growth period of the child, has been the development period is particularly must nutrients. This is especially true for children's eyes. An effective and balanced diet becomes very critical. Parents should not only give their children an effective diet, but also let them develop a good diet structure.

Eat more fruits and vegetables and fruits, eat less sweets, do not be picky or picky about what you eat, and diversify your diet as much as possible. Pay attention to vitamins. Zinc. Calcium. Protein and other nutritional elements to fill.

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